La Musa de Dalí
La Musa de Dalí



Behind the firm La Musa de Dalí is, Marian García, who has been a hand crafted leather woman  for 16 years.


Her job is forged through the years around  her family, and it is  in 2015 when she releases  publicly her  two collections: “the more ethnic” and “Degala”.


All add-ins from La Musa de Dalí, are made from the affection and love and also making craft a way of life..


The work is carried out manually, seams, embossing, dying… where creativity and imagination come to life in all its products.


THE MAIN protagonist


La Musa de Dalí is a line of trendy accessories, ranging from a classic style to a more modern one.


Leather is the main protagonist of the complement, merging with other materials and thus adapting to each customer.


It is made from  first class materials, leather thali, Colt, pads, before…combining it occasionally with fabrics, beads, rhinestones…depending on the fashion trends.


A tribute to my daughter


It is said that artists have a  particularly sensitive disposition to the world around them and to develop both her creativity and the ability to communicate her feelings, in my case, the world around me is my family and especially my daughter Gala, who was an inspiration of the name of the firm and so as to keep her presence  in each one of the add-ons that I make.


This inspiration makes me, the kind of  person who, before doing things, can  see the materials, tools, and the final product before starting her work.